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Does Training abs = Nice abs?  Part I
Does Training Abs = Nice abs? Part II

Lower body
No gym, no problem: Leg workout!

Cardio and Running
The Truth about Heart Rate Training (Mike Boyle blog)
Slideboard Exercises For Cardio
Cardio Substitutes for a Rainy Day
21st Century Runner (Run faster, not longer!)
3 Benefits of Cross Training For Runners
A Running Mentality (and schedule)
3 Essential Running Workouts
Benefits of Cross Training for Runners

Why we hurt: lower back pain 101
Thoracic Spine/Upper Back Exercises For Posture

Fat Loss
Training and Fat Loss Tips Part I
Training and Fat Loss Tips, Part II
5 Fast Workouts for Fat Loss
3 Fast Fat Loss Fixes
1 Food Tip to Increase your Metabolism
21 Summer Tips to Get you Fitter, Faster!
Why We Get Fat Cause #1: Insulin Out of Control!

5 Reasons We Need Exercise to live longer
Fish oil 101
Sleep better tonight!
Hangover? 5 Tips to get back on track

When to buy Organic versus non-organic Fruits and Vegetables
Can avoiding gluten tighten your glutes?
20 Random food and cooking tips for a healthier Lifestyle
10-pack of Fitness and Nutrition Facts
Why do diets eventually fail?

Coach Kev's Workouts and Training

Keep it simple Workout Plan
Keep it simple cardio and core Part I
Keep it simple cardio and core Part II

Keep It Simple Phase II

260 pound chinup for 3 reps
The Power of One Rep
Exercise Selection 101
Kettlebell Practice
Upper Back Focus
February 2011
January 2011

Random thoughts/muses:
3 Reasons I loved Peak Performance (NYC)
How I Picked Personal Training as my career
Answering the New York Times Question: Best exercise?
Top Qualities of Great Trainers
50 Influences on my Fitness Career
Perform Better Thoughts Part I
Perform Better Thoughts Part II
Advice from Bill Gates

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