Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Power of One (workout plus intervals)

As many of my loyal readers know, I have been following Dan John's 40-day program (for more information, click here ) with much success, having achieved 2 personal records (Snatch grip deadlift for 215 lbs for 5 reps) and a single arm dumbbell shoulder press for 70 lbs for 5 reps.  That being said, I have started to rotate reps and sets (10 total reps, or 2 sets of 5) and today I was in the mood for a strength 'circuit', so I got a little creative.

Here's the workout, with my weights:
1A Snatch Grip Deadlift x1 rep @ 179 lbs
1B SA Shoulder Press x1 rep @ 60 lbs
1C Reverse Grip (palms facing me) Chinup x1 rep with 16k kettlebell (my weight 175 + 35lbs = 210 lbs)
1D Ab wheel standing x 1 rep
1E Lateral Lunge with kettlebell swing, alternating (lunge with swing to one side, switch to other side, repeat) for 3 reps each side with 20k kettlebell

As little rest as possible between exercises, roughly 20-30 seconds rest after completing 1A-1E.
10 sets or rounds of the reps prescribed above. Perfect form only.  Never sacrificing form
Overall time to completion: 19 minutes and 52 seconds.  Could definitely have been faster with lighter weights.

Then the real fun began. 

I headed over to Central Park and the famous 'Cat Hill', named for the statue overlooking the hill.
Bottom to top (light at bottom of hill to light at top of hill), the hill measures exactly 1/4 mile.

Since I'm running for better fitness and fat loss, I'm utilizing a work/rest ratio that sufficiently counts as intervals (bottom to top takes roughly 1 minute 45 seconds, a brutal work interval), but today I did something a little different, alternating the work to rest ratios each interval: 

  • First interval (bottom to top) 1 minute 45 seconds.  
  • Second interval started about 3/4 down the hill (instead of the bottom) sprint up, work: 1 minute 15 seconds
  • Third interval started about 2/3 down the hill, sprinted up, work 1 minute.  
  • Fourth interval started about halfway, sprinted up, work 45 seconds
  • Fifth interval started about 1/4 down the hill, took 30 seconds.  
After each interval I jogged and walked slowly down to new starting point.  Obviously each rest time kept getting smaller and smaller...

Then I repeated the intervals, back down to bottom, up to the last interval.

Total time: 35 minutes.  

Lucky for me, I found an old friend (Hector!) to run with me, and he pushed me to run faster than usual (he runs 10K - 50K's). 

All in all, today's workout was one of my favorites, not to mention one of the hardest.  Think you're up to it?  Try one part or both, but be warned, neither workout was easy, and I definitely burped a few times after some of the sprints.  Kept lunch down though!  Let me know how any or all of today's workout works for you. 

Until next time...

-Coach Kev

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