Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keep it Simple Cardio and Core Part II

Today's outline is a little more complex, but definitely works the higher ends of the heart rate, and opens up the hips, shoulders and thoracic spine during the kettlebell and other functional movements.  Today's cardio intervals should be of a higher intensity, because the length of the bursts are not as long as Tuesday's. 

Also, I used a Kettlebell for my complexes and sequences, along with a Gymboss Interval timer
( ) set to 20s and to repeat for 30 rounds (10 minutes total). I like the Gymboss Interval Timer because it's great for intervals while running, boxing, working out, or cooking for that matter.  If you are not familiar with a Kettlebell, then basic Dumbbell functional movements can be substituted for the KB and used similarly.

Thursday's Core and Cardio

Round 1
20s intervals, do not set kettlebell down until 30 rounds of 20s each are up (10 minutes total)
1A) Right (R) hand KB movements (vary between swings, high pulls, cleans, snatches)
1B) Left (L) Hand KB movements (vary between swings, high pulls, cleans, snatches
1C) R Hand Core movement with bell (windmill, getup, 1/2 getup)
1D) L Hand Core movement with bell (windmill, getup, 1/2 getup)

--Repeat for length of Round, alternating between exercises and choosing randomly to keep variety
--Bell (kettlebell or dumbbell) does not touch the ground at any point

Rest 2 minutes after Round 1, then begin Round 2

Round 2
20s intervals, do not set kettlebell down until 30 rounds of 20s each are finished (10 minutes total)
2A) L Hand KB + Lunge or Squat variation (Snatch + reverse lunge, lateral lunge with swing, high pull with reverse lunge, Clean + Press + Overhead squat)
2B) R Hand KB variety (listed in 2A)
2C) L Hand KB Core movement with sequence (Clean + press + windmill, snatch + windmill, clean + press + get up, snatch + getup)
2D) R Hand KB Core movement with sequence (listed in 2C)

--Repeat for designated number of rounds (10 minutes total) without setting bell down


Central Park Interval bursts (lower loop, middle loop, reservoir, etc)
~5 minute light jog
1 minute at as fast as possibly maintained for 60s
2 minutes at light recovery
--repeat 5-8 times, depending on length of the run
~5 minute light jog back to starting point

--Add at least 1 interval per week, and note start and finish of intervals to track speed and recovery
--If using HR monitor, do not be surprised to see higher heart rate levels than usual (I have reached 207 while doing intervals in Florida)

Add in some cool down stretches, and altogether you're looking at just under a 60 minute workout, start to finish.  It won't feel like 60, but in the 24-48 hours after this workout, you will metabolically notice a difference.  For me, I tend to eat much more frequently, but I crave good fats (fish, nuts) and salt because of the amount of sweating I usually do as a result of this workout program.  Even in NYC's winter, I find myself sweating through my Under Armour Cold Gear. 

Anyone wishing to be put through/tortured through any of these workouts, feel free to let me know.  Dare you to keep up!!

In (breath) extraordinary (big breath) fitness (exhale),

-Coach Kev

Total workout time: less than an hour.

Totally boring? NOT!

-Coach Kev


  1. Very well written Kev! I've been doing your hill repeat interval workout in the Keep it Simple Cardio and Core Part 1 and I've noticed a significant difference in my speed and endurance during my regular runs. I've referred other runners on my Fred's team to your blog! I will be sure to incorporate the interval bursts that you've mentioned here. Just a few questions. Over the period of few weeks if you notice a plateau in speed and endurance, what's the best way to progress from 1 minute interval bursts? Should you increase the interval burst time? Increase speed? Run on an incline? Once again very well written!

  2. Great Sushil! Glad the hill workouts have helped. If you notice a plateau you can do a lot of things. #1, work faster, with more recovery time (45 seconds interval work, 1:15 recover) or #2 modify your strength training workout to include some circuit training (keep heart rate at high level for longer period of time). Kettlebells are great for this too.