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50 Fitness Thank you's

I get a lot of questions from trainers about what books, authors or articles I recommend.  In the back of my head, with every book or article I read, I think to myself:

'Don't believe everything you read, but don't only read what you believe'. 

I think this philosophy has helped shape my own fitness idealogy and helps maintain my learnings while improvising, creating, and still having integrity in the field.  Since I wanted to summarize this list with names (and not products, books, dvd's, etc) I have included this list to help those looking to make their own decisions on what to read and what to believe.  They are truly different!

In true Twitter-fashion (140 characters or less) , I have compiled a list of 50 people in and around the Strength and Conditioning Industry that have impacted my career, learning, programs, business, training, and even from a personal growth standpoint.  Enjoy!

**Editors note: This list is my opinion, based on how these individuals have impacted me.  This list is definitely not in any specific order.  Others will definitely have other viewpoints and take-away points (or tweets).  In case you're wondering who Coach Kev is, click HERE.

50 Fitness Thank You's
  1. Mel Siff: his book Supertraining taught me to stop, think, apply.  His concepts are present in almost every program I write, and also in many books I read. 
  2. Dr Greg Rose: another pioneer, his seminars on golf and fitness have changed the way I train golfers and simplified the evaluation process. 
  3. Dr William Kraemer: One of the world's leading researchers on strength and conditioning, Kraemer is quoted and cited in almost any research on periodization.
  4. Vladimir Zatsiorsky: ever heard of Science and Practice of Strength Training? His books on complex principles helped me bridge the gap between program and science. 
  5. Stuart McGill: Spine expert taught me to teach before his concepts were popular, and to stop doing crunches WAY before it was well-known
  6. Thomas Meyers: Anatomy Trains expert, connecting the dots between true function and movement and anatomy.  Saw him speak once and was floored by his topics. 
  7. Gray Cook: His books on Movement, his screen (FMS) and his effort of bridging the gap between pain and functional movement have changed our field. 
  8. Dr John Berardi: been reading Dr Berardi ever since his testosterone muscle days, and his nutrition/injury protocol presentation helped a few of my clients. 
  9. Geralyn Coopersmith: "G" allowed me my first 'big' fitness presentation at Equinox, and that experience pushed my teachings, writings and learnings to new levels.
  10. Canisius College Athletic Training Staff: While I might not have been fond of their methods then, I am so thankful for their tough love, knowledge, and passion.  They shaped who I am today in less than 4 years. 
  11. Martin Rooney: I have watched the Combine Training Method DVD and love how Rooney was one of the first to people barefoot...true leader!
  12. Dan Fichter: Mel Siff was his mentor, and he was mine.  Took me under my wing and taught me Speed, Strength and Agility with athletes like none on this list.  Big thanks. 
  13. Lee Burton: Mr. FMS himself, I learn something with every article or video I get ahold of. 
  14. Dave Tate: I stumbled upon EliteFTS after college and did my first powerlifting meet less than a year later.  Under the Bar gave me strength to move to NYC. 
  15. Jim Wendler: In same token as Tate, except Wendler had a similar S & C background.  Loved his 5/3/1 program and his narrating of exercise index.  Monotone!!
  16. Mike Robertson: Magnificent Mobility and Assess and Correct literally put me heads and shoulders above other trainers, and in turn, I ended up the 'movement guy' at my gym
  17. Eric Cressey: had lunch in NYC back before he opened Cressey Performance, and was wowed by his injury and program lecture at Equinox.  Also see Mike Robertson...
  18. John Davies: introduced me to the kettlebell, and his book, Renegade Training introduced me to new methods which I used with my D-I hockey roommates
  19. Joe Kenn: his 'Tier' System of program design helped me organize my spreadsheets, my programs, and overall outlook on training athletes
  20. Mike Boyle: at Perform Better in Long Beach, sat down next to him without me knowing it, and just started chatting.  That humble and accessible.  FSC!
  21. Zach Evan-Esh: Subscribed to his Underground Strength Coach Program for $9.99/month 6 years ago, and was totally worth it!  Still use his material today. 
  22. Robert Dos Remedios: his books helped me organize my exercises into movements, and reinforced the idea that cardio benefits can come from strength training
  23. Dan John: if it is important, do it every day.  His book re-ignited my simplistic view of training, programming, and work
  24. Joe DeFranco: watching Joe's training videos or reading his articles RIGHT before my workout always got me ready to rock, or ready to learn and apply
  25. Jason Ferrugia: Another one I've been learning from for forever, I love his intensity and passion for training athletes at a high level
  26. Al Vermeil: saw him speak at a Perform Better, and I only hope to be half as captivating at that age.  Plus, this guy knows EVERYONE in the sports world. 
  27. Vern Gambetta: his seminar at Long Beach helped me get a grasp on true injury reduction methods for athletes with functional training and his book = awesome. 
  28. Jason Brown: Never will forget his answer to my ?: Q: Do you love training athletes? JB: Yes but housewives pay my bills.  Great kettlebell instructor!
  29. Alwyn Cosgrove: Hierarchy of fat loss article still holds true today.  Real, insightful, great speaker, funny, and one of my favorites to listen to.
  30. Rachel Cosgrove: her book on training women (along with Alwyn's) really fortified what we already knew - women need weights to look and feel great.
  31. Joe Dowdell: over lunch I found out we have similar, grassroots-style ambitions as far as training studios and methods. Simply loves training and results! 
  32. Craig Ballantyne: Mr bodyweight himself.  I use his methods and variations of exercises for my Hamptons and vacation workout programs all the time. 
  33. Todd Durkin: integrity, energy, passion, results, pro athletes, Fitness Quest 10, and Under Armour.  What a resume!
  34. Nate Green: combines a witty writing style with smart training and actual experience with many mentioned above.  Smarter than his age. 
  35. Juan Carlos Santana: I remember seeing his first training facility, and it was mostly open space.  He knew movement ruled!  Plus his training bands are great. 
  36. Bill Parisi: started his business in a van! Plus he's a great speaker, his passion for excellence is second to none, and he knows how to train someone for sport!
  37. Thomas Plummer: One of the funniest guys on the Perform Better tour, his speeches and books are NOT to be overlooked by those in the fitness business
  38. Patrick Lencioni: his books on corporate dysfunction, vulnerability, leadership and being a CEO are great 'fable' reads that last forever in your mind
  39. Michael Gerber: E-Myth author separates and distinguishes difference between Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician and how you CANNOT be all 3 at once. 
  40. Tim Ferriss: 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body author - controversial yet still lands on NYT best-sellers list 5 years after 4HWW was first released. 
  41. Bret Contreras: The 'Glute Guy' changed the way the glutes were looked at from a training and vector perspective, and his passion for education is outstanding
  42. Nick Tumminello: advances our field with new exercises and techniques, thanks to his experience and expertise as a 'in-the-trenches' coach and trainer
  43. Colleagues: all the trainers I worked with along with way either showed me what TO do or what NOT to do.  Sincere thanks. 
  44. Friends: Some of my biggest supporters in this group, without them I wouldn't have half as much pull and can't wait to thank them with a friend and family discount at my studio. 
  45. Jim Brault: Former lifting partner, keeps me grounded, wrote books, true international leader (Director at Kodak) and my future best man. 
  46. Ryan Lee: Velvet Rope Marketing DVD helped me establish myself as someone who had something to offer behind a 'velvet rope'. Inspiration for my 'Waiting list' of clients. 
  47. Jim Labadie: his no-nonsense view of marketing and simple tactics have helped me look at myself as a marketing tool instead of looking elsewhere.
  48. Pat Rigsby: I wake up to this guy every day! His newsletters are motivating and downright simple-to-execute business steps. 
  49. Equinox: hired me in 2006 and taught me true dedication, corporate lessons, and how to manage up and manage down.  Thankful for my experiences.
  50. My parents: morals, values, work ethic, love, passion, competitive fire, dedication and motivation: their 'product' uses their lessons in life everyday
  51. One person I should mention (I know, I said 50!) that has influenced me is Ben Bruno.  Back in March I noticed my blog views going up, but didn't know why.  Then I checked my source of views, and it was this guy's blog.  He put me in a list among these experts listed above, and really re-ignited my passion for writing, teaching and learning. 
To those mentioned above: a sincere thank you for shaping, molding, teaching, practicing, and being a leader to those who need to follow. 

-Coach Kev

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