Monday, February 9, 2009

She is at it again...

Tracy Anderson, 'trainer to the stars' (Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna), has another feature article about her and her methods in the New York Times.

This time, the author uses a more neutral approach, and includes opinions from several other health and exercise 'experts'.

Read and enjoy the article on Ms. Anderson as she continues to defy scientific principle, practice, and methods all in one single sentence as she describes her fondness of Jane Fonda:

"She was absolutely dead-on, you never saw her lifting crazy big weights."

Meanwhile, my clients continue to lose bodyfat, while lifting CRAZY BIG weights.

Last week a female half-marathon runner of mine deadlifted 179 pounds. NINE TIMES. In the same workout she did 7 sets of 2 chin ups. 14 chinups for a female in one workout. Most gym enthusiasts strive to perform ONE chinup, let alone 14.

Also last week, a marathon runner, who has run 26 marathons in her career, squatted 149 pounds for 8 times. I know, I know, Ms. Anderson - CRAZY BIG weights!

By the way, those two clients? Look AMAZING. Nothing like the paltry Ms. Paltrow, of course, but I guarantee 3 things:

1) Their bodyfat is lower than Ms. Paltrow's.

2) They are stronger than Ms. Madonna.

3) They do things in one workout (kettlebells, chinups, agility ladder, etc) that neither client of Ms. Anderson does.

Lastly - I leave you with her most impressive quote-to-date, where she displays her high levels of scientific knowledge.

'A woman should never lift more than three-pound weights; most gym programs overwork major muscle groups. Repetition builds and bulks muscles'

Until next time...

Coach Kev