Client Testimonials

I have been training with Kevin for about 4 years now. When I first started training with Kevin, I knew next to nothing about nutrition. Kevin has not only helped train me, but taught me so much about what to eat and more importantly when to eat.  Not only do I train, but I also play ice hockey on a regular basis and play golf in the warm weather. Kevin has helped me with sport specific exercises to help me better my games.
Since I have started training with Kevin, I have had major hip surgery and had to take a long hiatus. From the first day since my doc told me it was ok to train again, Kevin was there to help me along.  We had to take it slow and there are things I can’t do anymore, but Kevin still makes my sessions challenging.

Since I wasn’t able to exercise for a long period of time, I put on some weight. I was recently up to 184 pounds and 24% body fat. Kevin helped me at age 40 get down to 162 pounds and 19% body fat. 
I cannot say enough about how much he has helped me change my lifestyle, and as a golf partner also helped me play better.
Having a fair bit of experience with weight training, I did not feel that I needed the full attention of a trainer. As such, Kevin designed a workout routine based on my goals of working on my physique while improving my long distance running ability as a marathoner. He provides feedback whenever possible if my form is not proper which has been more than sufficient to meet my needs. The routine that he developed focuses on functional exercises rather than on isolated strength training, and after nearly five weeks of training I can already notice significant changes in my physique and overall strength.

-Dan S

Having trained regularly for the better part of 10 years on my own, I was skeptical that a Personal Trainer would have any real impact on my overall conditioning. After only 3 months working with Kevin Dineen I can say that the results were quite remarkable. The most impressive being a 5 percent reduction in body fat (I was lean to start) with almost no weight loss. I am regularly reaching new personal bests in strength and cardiovascular exercises – and can confidently say that my overall agility, flexibility, strength and conditioning are better than ever.

As someone who becomes quickly bored of the same routine, I found the custom programs that Kevin develops to be very effective. Additionally, they are targeted to areas needing improvement, but also tailored to address any old injuries. In fact, injuries that used to regularly bother me no longer do. With Kevin’s help and custom programs, I'm achieving new personal goals in days to weeks as opposed to months.

Kevin is always very professional. It is clear that his knowledge and education help him develop programs with maximum effectivity. While training with Kevin, he consistently challenges you in a 'no-nonsense' but positive way. During those sessions, he is entirely focused and makes sure that your form is precise. In my case, minor changes to my form helped eliminate lingering strains. Beyond the gym, Kevin is also well versed on the latest nutritional and supplement information and happy to share that information.

Having had great success with Kevin’s program, I'm anxious to see what my body is capable moving forward…

-Edwin U

Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Like others, I have been committed to staying in shape through various cardio and weight-training regiments. I had recently signed up for a triathlon and was looking for a personal trainer to take my fitness to a higher level by gaining more endurance, strength, and flexibility. Furthermore, I wanted to shed those last 8-10 lbs. I was fortunate at that time to cross paths with Kevin Dineen.

From the very first consultation with Kevin I knew I had finally found a professional, someone with extensive experience and expertise in the realm of physical fitness and athletic performance. Kevin’s passion in his unique and individualized training programs is what sets him apart from the rest. He utilizes the most efficacious exercises and/or tailored weight-training programs that inevitably leave you with a lean, stronger and more physically fit body. His innate ability to motivate and inspire you as you workout is indescribable.

In 12 intense workout sessions with Kevin, I gained significant amount of lean muscle, shed my last 8-10 lbs, improved my athletic endurance, and most importantly I felt stronger and healthier! Through Kevin’s systematic weight-training program, professional weight lifting critiques, and on-going adjustments with my form and movements, success has been achieved.

-Katy D

I never thought I could achieve these results in such a short period of time, but with the intensity, consistency, and motivation that Kevin instilled in me...I can honestly say anything is possible!
-Margot Z

I am Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer in practice over ten years in New York. As a former dancer, I enjoyed taking a variety of group fitness classes over the past 15 years, ranging from dance and spin to kickboxing and sculpting. I would strength train on my own, alongside Personal Training colleagues, or under the supervision of my Physical Therapist (after undergoing reconstruction surgery in 2006 for a skiing-related ACL tear). I never thought I would pay to have somebody else train me on a regular basis--that is until I met Kevin in January of 2009.

I had spent the summer of 2008 increasing my class volume and strength training intensity in preparation for my upcoming fall wedding. I ignored and pushed through the (at first) mild pain and swelling in both knees, but by the end of September, I limped back into my Physical Therapy gym with swollen painful knees, tight calves, and symptoms of plantar fasciitis and patella femoral syndrome. (I have bilateral ACL tears, only one having been surgically repaired.) By greatly reducing my workouts and adhering to my Physical Therapist's strict recommendations, I successfully walked down the aisle in 4-inch heels and completed my choreographed first dance without a hitch.

At the turn of 2009, I was bored with my limited workouts, and decided to join Equinox in search of a change of scenery and increased motivation. I was pleasantly surprised to discover my new membership came with 6 free PT sessions and, I was not shy in requesting their BEST trainer due to my profession and injuries. I insisted on someone who could teach me something new but keep me safe. I never expected to go beyond my free workouts, but by our 3rd meeting, I had already asked Kevin to train my husband AND prepare me for my March ski trip. Kevin's extensive fitness, exercise, and anatomical knowledge was immediately evidenced in the meticulous, original programming that he constructs to meet each of his individual clients’ needs and goals. Kevin took the time to discuss each exercise with me on a professional level, always citing recent research, while ensuring during and after each exercise that I was comfortable and pain-free. He also checked in 1 or 2 days after each workout to see how my body felt and adjusted my programs accordingly. I credit Kevin in helping me successfully ski 6 days this year pain- and injury-free! Now I am hooked, and I continue to train with him twice a week. He is mindful of my injuries while pushing me to work harder than I would on my own, and I get the undivided individual attention that I could never find in a group fitness class. I am confident in saying Kevin is one of the best in New York City!

-Robin K