Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keep It Simple Cardio and Core, part I

Today's outline is simple to explain, yet difficult to do.  Cardio intervals (of any kind, let alone these) should be absolutely brutal.  Just yesterday a client of mine did them at a new intensity and was shocked at how he felt afterwards.  Not to be underestimated, the core workouts use Tabata principle to maximize density of the workout (and effect on the core) while minimizing how many exercises are needed. 

Tuesday's Core and Cardio

TRX Pikes (knees bent)

  • 20s of work, 10s of rest
  • repeat 8 times (4 minutes)
  • reps should be at least 10 per set
Side Plank Bodysaw (using foam roller under ankles)
  • 20s of work, 10s of rest
  • repeat 8 times, switch sides
  • reps should be at least 12 per set (small movements here)
Total Core work: 12 minutes

  • 60s ON, 20s rest
  • 10 rounds
  • at least 24 touches (8 foot slideboard) back and forth
  • No slideboard? Use a Concept2 rower
  • Total time: ~13 minutes
Hill repeats
Cat Hill, Central Park, NYC
  • 1/4 mile hill, timed under 1:45 each repeat
  • jog down at easy pace
  • repeat while maintaining or improving 1:45 pace
  • total repeats should be 4-8, depending on training level
    • 4 repeats = 2 miles of hill work
    • 6 repeats = 3 miles of hill work
    • 8 repeats = 4 miles of hill work
  • 3 week progression could be to add 1 repeat/week
As always, warm up plenty before the workout, and make sure to stretch post-workout!

Total workout time: less than an hour. 

Totally boring?  NOT!

-Coach Kev

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