Friday, March 25, 2011

Prescription Fish Oil?

A new drug, Lovaza, which is prescription fish oil, has hit the market.  But is the price tag worth it?  Especially when you can buy high quality fish oil for almost a third of the price?  Check out nutritionist Mike Roussell's article on comparing the two:

Comparing Lovaza to Flameout

For those of you who don't know, fish oil is a tremendous supplement, that has been recommended for at least 5 BIG reasons:

1) Anti-inflammation (decreases risk for heart issues, tendonitis, arthritis)

2) Decreased body-fat

3) Better skin (ask Hollywood's most beautiful what their favorite legal drug is)

4) Decreased insulin sensitivity

5) Decreased muscle soreness

The most interesting note I should mention is a story by Dr. John Berardi at his presentation on how George St. Pierre, one of the best MMA fighters in the world, varied his fish oil supplementation strategy around his surgery (less before, more after) to help him recover (actual quote: "Like Wolverine from X-Men") from groin surgery. 

In addition, Berardi noted a few take home pointers:

A) Just because you eat fish does NOT mean you had your daily intake of fats.  In fact, taking fish oil might be safer because of less mercury levels, higher correct ratios of DHA and EPA, and less risk for other contaminants (Flameout is the highest quality fish oil I have ever found to date)

B) 1 fish oil capsule is equivalent to the nutrients found in 1 pound of salmon. 

C) Our current, average 'American Diet' is severely lacking in Omega 3's, and taking fish oil has shown to increase the chances of having a more balanced ratio of Omega 3's to 6's and 9's. 

D) Bodybuilders and athletes use Fish oil strictly for its anti-inflammation effects; they do not want to wait long to recover from workouts, and also do not like the 'puffy' look after a devastating workout on the body

For more information on Fish Oil, specifically Flameout or another supplement, FA3, check out the links listed. 

-Coach Kev

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