Monday, January 3, 2011

A BRUTAL Home Leg Workout, Bodyweight only!

In the New Year, one of the challenges many people face is finding or creating time to workout.

However, using quick, intense workouts, before breakfast, lunch or dinnner has shown to have an impressive effect upon fat-burning and insulin levels.

In addition, having the no-excuses of not needing weights, equipment, and only yourself and a sturdy chair or bench makes it almost fool-proof to fit in this workout.

Try this Lower-Body workout; including warm up, should only take you about 15-20 minutes total.

The Warm up:

  • spidermans x 5e
  • kneeling hip flexor stretch a) forward, b) knee outside big toe, c) knee inside big toe x3 reps each
  • forward, lateral, and transverse (90 degrees) split squat warm up
  • supine (on your back) hip extensions
  • supine single leg hip extensions

The Workout


1a) Squat (without locking knees out at top) x 12

1b) Forward and Reverse Lunge x 5 each leg

1c) Squat (again, without locking knees out at top) x 8

No rest between 1a and 1c, but after 1c, rest 45 seconds, and repeat 1a-1c for 2 more rounds for beginners, and 3 more rounds for advanced trainees.

after completing part I, rest 90 seconds, and proceed to part II.


2a) Split squat (without locking knees out at top, consistent tempo throughout) x 12 each leg

2b) Forward step up (without straightening leg at top of movement) x 10e

2c) Split squat (same as 2a) x 8 each leg

No rest between 2a and 2c, but after 2c, rest 45 seconds and repeat 2a - 2c for 2 more rounds for beginners, and 3 more rounds for advanced trainees.

Cooldown stretch

  • Rectus femoris stretch x 30s each leg
  • kneeling hip flexor stretch x 30s each leg

That's all folks!

In total, this workout can be especially difficult for those who lift without focusing on the duration of the specific set for lower body. The first time I did this workout was anything but pleasing, and I was sure to feel it for a few days after.

Let me know what you think!

Coach Kev

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