Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011 Workout Summary


3 runs/week (12/month)

4 lifts/week (16/month)

2 metabolic/week (8/month)


9 runs (3 short)

21 lifting workouts (5 extra)

4 metabolic workouts (4 short)

NOTE: Lift, run and metabolic workouts were sometimes performed in the same day. I did NOT perform 34 separate workouts this month.

DILEMMA: My heart and lungs are getting more efficient. My rate of calories burned (RCB) is declining each week due to increase HRV (Heart rate variability, or the ability to shuttle blood quickly from the heart to working muscles in the upper and lower body in order to keep the heart rate low).

SOLUTION: Increase the number of metabolic workouts (vary workout time) and use kettlebells and barbell 'finishers' to increase my rate of calories burned. Keeping this number above 10 calories per minute is crucial, and it lets me know that my workouts are intense enough to recover, but also dense enough, without much rest in between sets. This more effectively creates fat loss post-workout.

JANUARY SUMMARY: Overall, very happy with my upper back strength, endurance, and ultimately, growth. This will not make it easier to fit into medium size shirts, but will create a larger shadow for my girlfriend to hide in when she's had enough sun in the Dominican Republic. However, I am disappointed with my metabolic workouts, and have designed several kettlebell workouts specifically to accomplish more work in less time for February. My abs are not as defined as I would have liked them to be, but that will also be a goal of mine for February.


  • 1.5 runs/week (6/month)
  • 5 lifts/week (20/month)
  • 3 metabolic/week (12/month)
  • 3 ab workouts/week (12/month)
  • Focus on defining shoulders more with a specific, 12 week program starting Feb 8.
  • February 1st - 7th is a transition week during our trip to Dominican Republic.
  • Keep calories burned per minute above 10 during metabolic workouts

Keep you updated on my adjustment to my February program and more feedback from some new opportunities coming your way.

--Coach Kev

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