Saturday, January 29, 2011

Corporate Fitness Results


What is it?

Corporate Fitness Results is a fitness initiative designed to increase a workplace’s sense of community and teamwork through health and fitness participation.

Who participates in this program?
Any business that has at least a 6 individuals looking to increase their fitness and decrease any risk factors they might have. Participation by employees is flexible and any attendance of workouts and nutrition strategies will be taped for participant convenience. Each workshop and program will be exclusive for employees only and for a previously agreed-to-discount.

Why participate in this program?
This program will serve on many levels to benefit your business.

  1. Your business will become an affiliate of mine. I will put your logo/website/etc on my website (when ready) for my network/client list.

  2. Your employees, when healthier and more fit, will have less sick days, more energy, less injuries, more confidence, and most of all, better teamwork among employees. The buzz created by a program of this magnitude starts small and builds as participation and success stories mount.

  3. This could also qualify for an insurance discount if it quantifiably lowers the health risks of employees. Big-box gyms qualify for low insurance rates because of the individuals they employ.

  4. This will help retain/attract employees as an employee benefit. You can offer this program free to higher performers/producers/managers or as a challenge, and make the ‘losers’ pay for the program while the ‘winners’ of the program get honored in a newsletter and/or by not paying for the program.

  5. Winners of the program (Top 3 employees that lose the most % Bodyfat) receive discounted services through Coach Kev for next 3 months

  6. All participants receive 5% discount on any future sessions or programs

  7. This could become more than a monthly program, and could continue to a weekly workout session (inside in winter/outdoors when weather allows) one time per week
  8. Your manager, supervisor or boss will think highly of this initiative, and I will tell them it was your idea.
  9. The lead referral will receive 50% off of their training package for the duration of the program

Where/when can we do this?
Conference rooms, meeting rooms, large dining rooms or areas with removable tables and chairs are ideal.

Don’t have a place to workout for 10-12 people? I can modify the program to bring in a nutritionist in my network and make the program more about fat loss through healthy eating, etc. Best times for these are weekend mornings but also staff meetings, etc. This can be a refreshing way to infuse energy and buzz at the office.

What’s the process like?

Typical outline of a 4 week program (note: programs can be longer):

  1. Week 1 (preferably a Monday or a Saturday) 90 minutes, before photos taken, nutrition and workout booklet distributed, introductory workout

  2. Week 2 (75 minutes), workout, nutrition lecture and Q and A

  3. Week 3 (75 minutes) Workout, mobility and flexibility circuit, nutrition and fitness Q and A, partner stretching

  4. Week 4 (90 minutes) Final workout! Metabolic and 'interval finisher', final measurements, after photos taken, discount packages offered, free sessions for top 3 ‘losers’, every participant receives complimentary 2 week cardio/weight routine


What about insurance?
Coach Kev is insured through his company on his premises, RIPT-V, but also as an independent contractor through the NSCA (certification committee)
What about payments?
Coach Kev has two different options, both of which are dependent on the number of participants in the program. In addition, the program can be modified for a more frequent (ie, 2x per week) participation program.

1) Lifestyle/diet modification/Biggest Loser Challenge: 4 week program. Includes Weeks 1-4 above but each session is 1 hour instead, and targeted mainly towards improving wellness and health through nutrition. My nutritionist would also attend and do assessments, etc
a. If 12 people attend, price is $62.50 per employee per 4 week program, or $15 per session.

2) Fitness and Nutrition Focus: 4 week program. Includes weeks 1-4 and totals 5 and a half hours of consultation and workouts. Nutritionist would attend, in addition to possibility of another trainer to help coach employees through movements, etc.
a. If 12 people attend, price is $104 per employee per 4 week program, or $26 per session

To hear more about pricing or to set up a Corportate Fitness Challenge at your company, please contact for more information.

--Coach Kev

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