Thursday, July 14, 2011

Personal Best 3 Rep Chinup

With Dan John's 40 Day Program, I have found nothing but good results thus far. 

Here are my results after 30 days:

1) Snatch grip dead, 215x2, up to 235 for 2
2) Chinup weighted: 36 kg x 2

3) Handstand Pushup (HSPU) with elevated hands, x5
4) SA Snatch, 10! (10 each hand, 9 each hand, 8, etc until 1, for time): 5:58 @ 20kg
5) Ab wheel: standing x18 reps

In addition, I've started noticing much deeper cuts in my obliques, a better/longer drive in golf, and I actually added in outdoor interval training 3 times per week to help decrease bodyfat. 

Changes I've added to Dan John's program:
  • Interval workout regiment 
    • Workout A: 28-30 second sprint up a 8-10% incline, walk down (2 minute recover) x 10 repeats (Queensboro Bridge Park)
    • Workout B: 40s-1m30s sprint up Cat Hill (Central Park), recovery double work time (jog down)
    • Workout C: 45s sprint, 1m30s jog, for 3-4 miles, varied terrain (Central Park or East River)
  • Carry Warmup series
    • suitcase (one arm) x 25 yards
    • farmer's carry (both arms) x 25 yards
    • shoulder carry Single arm x 25 yards
    • shoulder carry both arms x 25 yards
    • Waiter's carry (overhead) single arm x 25 yards
    • Waiter's carry (overhead) both arms x 25 yards
  • I vary the lifts each day, slightly altering the plane of movement and muscles involved:
    • Deadlift: alternate between conventional, sumo and snatch
    • Vertical Pull: Pullup, reverse grip (hands facing you) chin, and neutral grip (hands facing each other) chin
    • Vertical Push: Handstand pushup, Single arm, bottom's up kettlebell press, Barbell shoulder press
    • Ab wheel: standing, kneeling, diagonal, and isometric holds at longest portion
    • Kettlebell: snatch, swing, single arm or dual or both arms, for time or for reps
Best part about the program?  My movement patterns are much smoother and 'grooved', and my strength and strength endurance keep rising simultaneously.  Not expected, but welcomed!

Additional warm up and workout details still to come.

Stay strong,

Coach Kev

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