Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fitness Love at First Sight

They say first impressions can last a lifetime, that they either make or break your opinion of something, someone, or somewhere.  In his book, 'Blink', Malcolm Gladwell refers to something similar called 'Thin Slicing'.  With this concept, just as with first impressions, our subconscious will decide rather quickly whether or not we will enjoy an experience. 

If this is true, well, then, I believe in love at first sight...

Today I was lucky enough to get invited to visit Peak Performance in NYC, where one of my friends (Brad) is interning.  Peak Performance has been named one of the Best Gyms in America (Men's Health), and within that first impression, it was obvious why.  Here are my top 3 reasons I fell in love with Peak Performance today:

1) Joe Dowdell and his staff (too many names to remember): Ed and Dan were men of massive construction yet easy going, and kind enough to inquire about myself and my business.  This inquisitive environment was also encouraging, and many of the staff members were working out on similar programs together.  That teamwork is crucial to avoid turnover, increase productivity, and make long-lasting results a hallmark of the gym. 

2) Results: Brad couldn't say it enough, but it was obvious: results at any and all cost.  From the chief programmer to the trainer executing it, every trainer carried and executed a program, and many varieties were evident.  Even though they focused on various pieces of equipment, including Medicine balls, Prowler, TRX, Kettlebell, Sandbag and weight-vest, the trainers at results, including Joe, were focused on one thing the entire time: RESULTS. 

3) Strength: From trainer to client, it was evident that strength is a hallmark and staple of Joe's programs.  Exercises observed today included deadlifts, sled drags, sandbag clean and presses, front squats, dumbbell presses and rows of all variety, and many more.  No gimmicks, no fads, just straight up results-based training, for everyone from the Mom to the Model gracing the cover of the magazine you just read.  Today was my rest and recover day, but I really did want to move heavy things after (and during) my time at Peak.  Still do, actually.

Safe to say: I learned a lot in my time at Peak today.  The staff, including Joe, (who was down-to-earth despite his superstar fitness status), his teaching staff, and other trainers, were all easy-going, relaxed, and yet still focused on the #1 task at hand: giving the clientele (and themselves) an amazing workout, pushing themselves to the limit, and maintaining excellent, quality form while aiming to perform at a very high level. 

'Peak Performance' left a strong first impression, strong enough to reinforce their name, and strong enough to remind me of the qualities I will strive to instill and insist on at my new facility.  Thanks to Joe and his staff for allowing me a glimpse of excellence, and reminding me that simplicity, toughness and basics go a long way. 

That, and love. 

-Coach Kev


  1. Thanks Jonny! I liked your video on personaltrainingbusiness too. Hope to meet you soon.

  2. It's really hard to find the best gyms in town. It's even harder to keep up with the training and reach the fitness goal. Thanks for your post, this motivates me to go back to my routine.