Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kettlebell Practice

So you're looking to improve your metabolism, and you're fluent with kettlebell movements (hopefully more than Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper).

This is just the article for you. Follow this program for 3 weeks, then take a week off of all Kettlebell movements to let your joints rest and recover.

Workout A (emphasize curvilinear movements)

  • 30s of Work (designated kettlebell movement)
  • 30s of complete rest
  1. Single-arm (SA) Swings (R)
  2. SA Swings (L)
  3. SA High Pull (R)
  4. SA High Pull (L)
  5. SA Clean (R)
  6. SA Clean (L)
  7. SA Front Squat (R)
  8. SA Front Squat (L)
  9. SA Push Press (R)
  10. SA Push Press (L)
  11. SA Snatch (R)
  12. SA Snatch (L)
  13. Double-arm (DA) swings (one bell)
  14. DA High pull
  15. DA Front Squat
  16. DA Push Press
  17. DA American Swing/Snatch
  18. Double-bell (DBB) Swings
  19. DBB High pull
  20. DBB Cleans
  21. DBB Front Squat
  22. DBB Push Press
  23. DBB Snatch
Total time for this workout: 23 minutes
Use a weight that you can use comfortably for 30 seconds, but still feel winded after most movements.
Week 2 and Week 3, progress with either:
a) heavier bells and longer rest, shorter work ratios for strength
b) longer work/shorter rest ratios with current bell weight for more endurance/fat loss
Workout B coming later this week.
-Coach Kev

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