Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 2011 Workout Summary


  • I only took one day off working out (5 workouts in 6 days) on my vacation; Dreams Punta Cana had a decent weight room with barbells and a full cable setup
  • New shoulder routine seems to be helping round out rear delts (special thanks to John Meadows on
  • Couple new pieces of training equipment at the studio include Gray Cook Cable Bar, the Stick, and a Slide Board
  • New variations of ab exercises have helped improve ab strength (evident in posture and lower body strength movements)
  • to start focusing on what foods are good for my body and what foods are not (started this 2/28)
  • oblique definition (thanks to windmills, bodysaw and chop variations)
  • Lack of specific planning my metabolic workouts is coming back to bite me (I have missed on January and February's numbers for metabolic, and am starting to fall behind)
  • Running workouts fell very short of expectations
  • Rectus Abdominus definition
  • Presidente on draft (in Punta Cana)
  • Waited a long time to replace running shoes; this made me NOT look forward to running because I knew it would bother my feet, knees and hips
  • More abs: plank work, farmer carry variations (suitcase, waiter, overhead) and chop and lift variations
  • Kettlebell 'Practice' (separate article)
  • Focus on ideal foods and staying away from 'avoid' foods (surprisingly, they include yogurt, whey, broccoli, brown rice/wheat, tomatoes and most berries)
  • KISS protocol: 3 exercises performed per lifting workout (KISS = Keep it simple, stupid)
  • Continue focus on shoulders with specific routine (starting week 5 on 3/7)
Already off to a blazing start for March with 3 lifts, 2 ab workouts, 2 runs and 1 metabolic this past week. New running shoes come in 3/7, so I should be off and running with that. Sorry for the bad joke. Not really.
Excited for warm weather, bringing the agility ladder, battling ropes and kettlebells to Central Park for some workouts, and maybe even playing some golf.
You're 1/6th of the way through 2011. Don't let the rest of it get away from you.
Plan. Lift. Run. Burn.
-Coach Kev

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