Monday, November 22, 2010

Upper Back Strength

Few weeks ago, I started a new workout plan, specifically for strengthening the Lats, Rhomboids (muscles between shoulder blades), and traps (upper, middle and lower). The idea is that this will increase my postural awareness and pull my shoulders more posterior (I have a slightly forward shoulder resting position).

Doing this for 3 weeks with escalating intensity and volume each week. Taking the 4th week (next week) completely off from back training, and substituting higher volume leg and pushing movements.

1) Prone Single Arm Barbell row (AKA Meadow's Row) 4x10

2) Single Arm Barbell Lawnmower row (Close grip row) 4x10

3) Dumbbell Deadstop row 4 x 8

The most difficult part of the lift is getting the lower body and core in position to support the upper.

Arms, shoulders, back, core and glutes are already increased in strength and size (this is the 3rd week) Perfect for anyone trying to specializ in a program short term and yield a long-term benefit.

Workout B will come Wednesday!

-Coach Kev

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