Monday, January 9, 2012

My #1 Fat Loss Tip for 2012

One week after all the New Year's Resolutions began, many are still staying strong while pursuing their fitness goals and expectations.

For those that are starting to struggle, perhaps a simple tip to increase the chances of achieving your goals.

But first:

How do you eat an elephant?

The answer is simple:  One bite at a time

How to fail?  Try eating all in one sitting and by yourself.  But if you spread out the task, and ask a few friends for help? You will eventually 'eat the elephant', whichever elephant that elephant may be. 


Actually, out of the variables (Frequency, Intensity, Tempo, Duration) most people could change on a daily basis is simple: Frequency.  Changing to 4-6 workouts per week, even if they are 30 minutes long, is an extremely effective way to stimulate the body to change shape, metabolize fat 24/7, and 'take one bite at a time'.  Further, rather than stressing the body much more than you used to in 60-90 minutes and perhaps doing too much, always leave a little bit in the tank for the next day.  That way the risk of over-training is less, and there is more continuity from one workout to the other. 

BUT 4-6 times per week??  I don't have that much time! 

Take a look at how much TV you watch, how much you are playing video games, etc, and you will surely be surprised.  Pause that DVR and put down the wii remote: this is NOT a large time commitment here.  One of the best parts of the increased frequency is that you might actually surprise yourself with some new varieties of workouts.  From TRX workouts, bodyweight only, kettlebell only, or bands, your options are aplenty.  In fact, many of those workouts can be done in with only a timer and yourself, in the privacy of your own apartment or home.  One of my favorite kettlebell-only workouts is located HERE and is absolutely perfect for those days when you only have 20-30 minutes.

But what about if I have more than 30 minutes? 

This is when things get good: do a little extra, but again, in moderation.  A few examples of some fat loss finishers and mini-workouts are located HERE.  You can add any of these, or do some simple intervals on a Concept 2 Rower, Treadmill, or better yet...outdoors.  Two other treadmill/running workouts are located HERE and HERE.

But what would my week look like if I wanted to workout 4 times per week?
4 times per week
Monday: Lower
Tuesday: Upper

Thursday: Lower
Friday: Upper

5 times per week
Monday: Lower
Tuesday: Upper
Wednesday: Metabolic, 30-60 second intervals with kettlebells, slideboard, bands, weight vest and heavy medicine balls
Thursday: Upper
Friday: Lower

6 times per week
Monday: Lower
Tuesday: Upper
Wednesday: Metabolic, 30-60 second intervals with kettlebells, slideboard, bands, weight vest and heavy medicine balls
Thursday: Upper
Friday: Lower
Saturday: Metabolic, 15-30 second intervals with various equipment from above
Where's my cardio? 

Anywhere, except I would highly recommend doing intervals after Upper body workouts ONLY, so you don't take too much out of your legs on one day.  Light cardio can easily be done after leg day.

Is this more like a bodybuilding approach?  

Not at all.  Upper and lower body movements are still multijoint, the only difference is switching up the upper and lower portions of the body.

But what about core? 
Core is also done in every workout, using either stabilization, rotation, or lengthening/anti-lengthening as a pattern for the day. 

Do your clients do this? 

Actually, I am working on transitioning clients (right now about 25% of my clients are 4+ times per week) that are more advanced to this type of workout plan.  Their metabolism is stimulated and pushed on a daily basis far more than ever before.

What about if I told you one of my clients, a General Manager at the #1 Restaurant in NYC (cannot reveal his name for privacy purposes), who works 60 hours per week, is in my calendar 5-6 days per week at 30 minutes per workout.  Here's what he has to say:

"After working with the Coach for the past 3 years, we decided to change the program from 2 One-hour long sessions a week to 4-5 thirty minute sessions a week. The results have been tremendous!  More intense, fast pace and far more focused. I cannot believe the change in my energy and most important the results."

While this workout plan is not for everyone, this will definitely help you take one bite at a time.

In extraordinary health,

Coach Kev

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