Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The #1 Tip For Fitness Professionals?

Recently, after much thought and deliberation, I decided to shift gears from management to Personal Training. Although I will miss the 55 trainers at my last location, my learning and teaching others, including 3-4x more clients, is just beginning. This is where today's post comes in...

I was recently asked for the best tip, my best piece of advice, that anyone in the fitness world can use.

My first response? Silence. I was never asked that question before, so specifically towards fitness, yet so vague towards the audience at the same time. My old position required teaching anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, etc. And I could recite that information easily. This question started a thought process...

Then it hit me...I was teaching material from books. Almost like a school environment!

They never taught you this in school...

My #1 Tip for Fitness Professionals:

Be open minded. Do not only read what you know; do not know only what you read.

There are so many trainers, instructors and coaches in the field today who have specialties in one or two areas (marathons or kettlebell training, for example), and who apply their training style and experiences to all those they train.

However, this leads to a disconnect, especially to the clients' goals. From a managerial standpoint, I have seen this more often than not.

A carpenter uses the a different tool for every job, based on that specific job.

A Fitness Professional should use a different program for every client, based on that specific client.

Be open-minded as a Fitness Professional: with your training styles, the books and articles you read, with other trainers and coaches you associate yourself with, and I guarantee your knowledge and expertise (along with your earnings!) will increase.

Coach Kev

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