Monday, October 27, 2008

This is NOT a program for readers of Self Magazine...

With the last post, I detailed some of the traits that the All American Athlete Training Program exhibited. A recent article in Self Magazine baited me in to furthering the discussion of how different this training program is from the mainstream. Let me explain:

In the article titled, Sculpt A-list arms fast, a 'trainer to the stars' (Tracey Anderson) details an arm workout that will not add bulk, but will get you buff'. Actually, Self Magazine called the article "This Month's Guarantee." Ms. Anderson continues, saying "Conventional moves won't deliver the sleek definition that most women want," and the only equipment you would need is a pair of 3-pound dumbbells.

"Don't go any heavier", she maintains, "Lighter weights and higher reps are key to chiseling your arms in a very sexy, detailed way."

Apparently, Ms. Anderson, you have NO understanding of physiology WHATSOEVER. You actually missed out on the following scientifically proven methods, including periodization, the overload principle, adaptation, supercompensation and umm, hello, how about lean body mass? That's actually just to name a few. AAA Training Program? Follows over 17 scientifically proven methods (Hollywood's trainers are NOT one of them).

In looking at the picture to the left, of the 'sleek and defined' Gwyneth Paltrow, I struggle to see a bicep, deltoid or tricep. In fact, she looks like her metabolism could use a boost with a program, perhaps one that stimulates her lean-body-mass?

In summary, here is This Month's Guarantee from the All American Athlete Training Program:
  • This program is the real deal: a proven program that follows scientifically proven methods, an experienced, certified trainer who has learnd from the programs of his 100's of clients in the last 12 years. In addition, this program has the guts to stand up to the media and the misleading messages they continue to send to an confused, obese (66%) population.
  • Those looking to have that 'sleek definition'? Look no further. Now you can have it, in a package that has form, function and performance.

Until next time...

Coach Kev

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