Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Future of Fitness (Summary)

Ah, finally.  The moment you (and I) have been waiting for.

The summary of all the presentations (except Thomas Meyers and Josh Henkin: they presented on the last day and I had to catch an early flight), with some questions they brought up, and answers to their thoughts with my own interpretation. 

The reason this is beneficial to me (in addition to my reader) is two reasons:
1) Reviewing my pages and pages of notes finalizes what I will be integrating into programs, warm ups etc.
2) These highlights of what I have upgraded to in terms of nutrition, warmups, movement patterns, etc will be more easily implemented and remembered

These two steps are crucial, and a large part of what separates myself from other trainers.  Just this week I tallied how much I have spent on furthering my education and improving my quality of service (books, seminars, DVD's, travel for seminars, and new equipment for the studio), and it exceeds $6,000.

As Alwyn Cosgrove (one of the presenters from the conference) would say, I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the value and seriousness of which I take who I am (Coach) and what I do (change lives). I can't yet say I've extended lives or prevented disease, but I can say that my mission is still the same: to change the lives of people I come in contact with.  Health and fitness will be the future commodity that will be treasured and eventually treated as important by those outside the current 'healthy' lines, as those within the field currently treat it.  Not only does improving one's health and fitness help one feel better, but it actually saves money.  By 2015, the average American will be burdened to the account of $1,400 from paying for the costs of obesity.  This is outrageous, and the 69% of the country that are currently obese and overweight need help.

Finally, I started to think about what really differentiates me from other trainers at health clubs, gyms and studios, and it goes something like this:

No one cares as much about your health and fitness as I do. 

That's my guarantee to you, my reader, my friend, my client, my family members.  As my 91st article that I've written in the past 3 years on health and fitness, I'm taking the time to extend this article to new lengths, fully highlighting all the 'trends' that you will see within the future of fitness.  Here.  We.  Go: 

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