Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intermittent Fasting 101

As much as I can, I try to pass on the newest and best information to my friends, family and clients as possible.  From books to videos, lectures to seminars, and observations and networking events, I pride myself on keeping up to date with the best fitness info out there. 
As I am writing this, I'm out in Phoenix, Arizona for a Perform Better Seminar, the Meeting of the Minds.  This seminar includes the nation's (and quite possibly the world's) leading fitness minds. 
One of these leaders, Dr. John Berardi, is the BEST nutritional mind, period.  He works with current Olympians, NFL stars, NBA, NHL and MMA superstars.  But that's not all...
Dr. Berardi has taken the time to research a sub-topic within fat loss that has gained MUCH momentum over the past few years in the research and application community, and that topic is simply known as Intermittent  Fasting.  
Yup.  As in fasting.  I'm not talking about the once a year, holiday time, or pre-competition for bodybuilding, making weight, athletics, etc.  
I'm referring to the once a week, regimented schedule of how to decrease STUBBORN bodyfat.  Sound good to you?  It did for me, and I've seen IMMEDIATE results.  Dr. Berardi was nice enough to release a FREE PDF that goes over the details. 
This is a MUST read for anyone looking to drop stubborn bodyfat.  Takes 10 minutes of your time.  10 minutes!!  Just read the brief description and outline, I have the products he recommends and we'll go from there.  
Trainers, clients, friends, family: this is a great opportunity to do something that you will actually a) save money doing, b) look better because of it, c) feel better because of it, and d) look forward to the challenge that lies beyond Intermittent Fasting.  
Once you're done reading this free PDF, expect more information from me, as the Meeting of the Minds Seminars begin tonight at 6pm, and run until Sunday at 12:30pm.  
12 world-class presenters, including Dr. John Berardi, will definitely overload my brain with more information than I can handle.  However, I will be quick to summarize and pass on this world-class information.  
In extraordinary health and fitness,
Coach Kev

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